About Domineum

Domineum provides blockchain enabled land registry and real estate solutions, designed for adoption by emerging and frontier markets.

Our Mission

To effectively and profitably drive socioeconomic development by enabling access to trusted digital records of ownership and transactions for land, real estate and real property, delivered through enterprise level blockchain, distributed ledger, and geospatial service  products.

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our team

Geoffrey Weli-Wosu


Geoffrey is an Entrepreneur, with over 11 years' experience in commercial law and finance, his core specialty being corporate governance. Geoffrey has co-founded VoguePay, a leading online payment processing company in Africa and Estoresms.com. Geoffrey served as a member of ‘Funding Mechanism Committee’ a committee placed with the responsibility to increase growth, and the development / actualization of the ICT Sector Road-map of the current Minister of Communication of Nigeria. He also was recently nominated as one of the Local Organizing Committee member for the 2017 E-Government Summit 2017 by E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria Government (EPPAN), in Collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Blake Sanders


Blake is a global entrepreneur with 10 years of experience conducting business in both western and frontier markets. He has founded and helped launch multiple startups, taking each through early lifecycle development to post revenue. Blake has a chemical engineering background and brings a depth of expertise in business modeling, marketing, financial analysis and economic optimization to the Nineline executive team. With heavy emphasis on using data to drive strategic business decisions, Blake focuses on building sustainable business models and creating a corporate governance structure that will

Mayur Pabari


Mayur is an entrepreneur, Blockchain evangelist and firm believer that decentralisation and peer-to-peer governance systems can help define a new path for the progress of humanity. Into research and development, it is Mayur’s passion to explore new things and grab opportunities where found. He has been involved in blockchain from soup-to-nuts including building a team of development elites.

Mohammed Ibrahim Jega

Business Development Director

Mohammed is a serial entrepreneur and tech savvy marketer with vast experience in Business Development, Project Management, Content Marketing and Development. Mohammed has co-founded several successful startups, including Emerge Tech Africa, a ICT Technology and Consulting firm and Startup Arewa, a sustainable development platform. Also Head of Business Development Africa at VoguePay Africa, a Founding Director at the Young CEOs Business Forum and a Board Member at Young Innovators Nigeria, Cyber Security Challenge Nigeria, Aiesec Zaria LC and KickCity.

Ojikutu Olawale

Product Director

A Land Administration and Land Policy Advisor, Olawale is a registered Estate Surveyor and Valuer and a Fellow of Nigerian institution of Estate Survivor. A member of the African Real Estate Society. He obtained an MSc in Land Administration with GIS and Remote sensing from University of Twente in the Netherlands. Olawale has Postgraduate diploma in Land market and Informal Settlement Regularisation from IHS/Erasmus University, Rotterdam. With over twenty years of experience as a Land Administration Advisor, he has been working closely with the Lagos State Land Bureau particularly in Land Registry and Land Service department.

Kenneth Ichenwo

Technical Architect

Kenneth is an ISTQB certified IT System Testing Consultant with System, Functional, Integration and User Acceptance testing experience. He is well-versed in defect management, risk assessment and software development life cycle including web and mobile, performance and native application testing. With a Computing BSc and an ISEB certification, Kenneth is currently studying for his post-graduate degree in Cyber Security, and has worked with UK enterprises such as Santander, Virgin Money, ATOS, and various public and private sectors agencies. Kenneth is a Member British Computing Society.

Oshapi I Imoagene

Lead Developer

Oshapi is a Java Developer and Researcher. He is familiar and experienced with multiple frontend programming languages. Educated in Canada, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Oshapi is the Co-Founder of Stage5 Creative Technology Hub. With experience also at Nigerian Breweries' Logistics Department, he works across IT based network issues and has also been researching Facial & Object Recognition in CCTV for security, as well as blockchain. Oshapi holds a Bachelor's of Computer Science degree.

our advisors

Eric Benz

With 10 years of experience working in and around Financial Technology, Eric has delivered innovative SaaS systems for some of today’s biggest institutions around payments, identity, and banking infrastructure. Eric has been in the Blockchain space for the past few years and has been responsible for helping build some of today’s most exciting Blockchain businesses and is currently MD at Cryptopay, one of the longest running bitcoin exchanges, processors, and card issuers.

Ismail Malik

Ismail is listed in top 100 high-profile representatives of the crypto community. He is the Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab, as well as Editor In Chief of ICO CROWD and Co-Founder of CoinViral and CoinDesk. At present, Ismail is mainly focused on strategic management of projects related to e-money, cryptocurrencies, and mobile services. Also a PR expert, he has experience in developing and convening large-scale media campaigns involving all media sources.

Dr. Regis Cabral

Dr Regis is a technology transfer specialist: a hydrogen physicist and a historian of science and technology. He has published more than 300 books, articles and reports. Dr Regis is known internationally for the Cabral Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm and has had a long engagement with European projects where he holds several elected/trusted positions, and is currently Director of FEPRO Funding for European Projects.

Sebastian Savolainen

Sebastian is an architect by profession and entrepreneur and innovator by passion, with more than 10 years of experience in the building sector with a steady growing interest in blockchain solutions since 2013. He is the CEO of New Autonomous Design that specializes planning for clients, and CEO of Locomotive Solutions that concentrates on bridging a broader spectrum of solutions within the building sector, blockchain technology, real-estate and know-how from the Nordics. Sebastian is also the Co-Founder and COO of Ace Cards, a blockchain fintech start-up.

Daniel Steeves

Daniel is a Canadian-born, German-based consultant and entrepreneur. He applies his more than thirty five years of international cross-sector experience to deliver to clear targets. Daniel enables, strengthens and scales his fintech, blockchain and emerging technology clients by ensuring the alignment and viability of their propositions, their products and their positioning with their business models, targets, token/coin models, whitepapers and ICOs, from the points of view and value perceptions of their supply and value chains: their consumers, partners and investors.