How Does Domineum Work?

Domineum develops and provides enterprise level systems designed to assist government agencies, financial institutions, and real estate authorities achieve the agility and capability needed to participate efficiently in dramatically evolving marketplaces.

Domineum delivers BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) and SaaS technologies designed to increase overall efficiency of the real estate services sector for businesses, land departments, and related government agencies.

This is accomplished by providing a blockchain and distributed ledger real estate ecosystem, for all industry actors to participate within.

The basis of which constitutes the following components:

  • Advanced Survey Technology (High-Res Imagery, LIDAR); 
  • Dedicated GIS package with 3D geospatial interface;
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger services incorporating migration of existing real estate documents, physical and virtual; 
  • API (RESTful JSON);Real Estate Smart Contract enablement
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