How Does Land Registration in Nigeria Work?

Land Registration in Nigeria seeks to establish rights of a person (organization) to or ownership of piece of land.

Land Registration in Nigeria involves the following steps:

  1. Submit a sworn affidavit to the Commissioner for Oaths
  2. Submit Application for Search to the  Land Registry, along with your sworn affidavit
  3. Fill Execution of Deed of Assignment and Consent application form (form 1C) with a reputable lawyer
  4. Collect Certified True Copy (CTC) of title document and Certified True copy of Survey plan from the Land Registry
  5. Pay for charting, endorsement and Form 1C at a bank approved by Land Registry
  6. Apply for Governor’s Consent to assign the land to you
  7. Collect Land Title from Directorate of Lands Services
  8. Submit Chart Survey Plans to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, accompanied with your Deed of Assignment
  9. Make payment for Registration Consent and Neighbourhood Improvement, as ordered by Directorate of Land Services
  10. Pay stamp duty fee at the Stamp Duty Office at approved bank
  11. Apply for your Deed of Assignment to be stamped Stamp Duty Office
  12. Submit receipt at Directorate of Lands Services
  13. Register your Deed of Assignment at the Land Registry

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