What Services Does Domineum Offer?

Once implemented these systems yield services, such as:

  • Distributed and immutable storage of all real estate documents;
  • Advanced query functionality on land and real estate;
  • High precision boundary mapping and real estate cataloguing services;
  • Bespoke anti-fraud platforms
  • Smart boundary and contract analysis using proprietary algorithms

Bespoke Blockchain Solutions

Domineum have taken on selected advisory contracts in both the public and private sectors, some of which have early indications that design and development engagements will be available.

Though Domineum focuses on our core, primary offerings, the identification of future opportunities in our first and target markets – and the future opportunity to export blockchain expertise internationally, particularly given Domineum's broad access to vast amounts of technically skilled resources – bears note and a placeholder for future planning.

Domineum Future Products

Domineum will primarily focus on the real property and land sector-complementary opportunities which allow us to create new and strengthen existing LRS ecosystem and stakeholder relationships.

However, we have discovered preliminary demand and high interest in our first market, for solutions in the following areas, which will be followed up when resources are available:

  1. Patients Health and Medical, Treatments and Prescriptions system
  2. Vehicle ownership registration, certification and insurance system
  3. Bespoke back-end financial security systems
  4. Bespoke anti-fraud platforms
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